Volunteer at The Hub @ Low Pavement

Flexible Part Time


The Hub @ Low Pavement is an activity centre in the middle of Chesterfield. Our aim is to support community action, social connectedness, and improved wellbeing and mental health. We provide a safe and welcoming space full of activities, with regular groups and occasional events, as well as information. The Hub is a vibrant and creative space, where people can flourish. Attendees are adults of all ages with a diverse range of interests and needs.

The Volunteer role includes;

welcoming new people into the Hub,
being encouraging and supportive to all attendees,
helping to organise groups and activities,
keeping the space organised and tidy.

The role is vital to create a friendly atmosphere, to engage everyone who walks in with a smile and an easy conversation, to help them find what they are looking for. We have found that many people wander in looking for something but they are not quite sure what. Often is it some form of social connection. We want the Hub to be a safe space for them to find out. It may not be something we can directly point them toward, but rather, through conversation help them discover. Talking about their life, their passions, skills, hobbies and ambitions is always a good start. In this way, the volunteer is a mixture of receptionist, host and coach.

The details:

We are looking for volunteers to cover one or more shifts at The Hub; a morning shift from 10am-12.30 or an afternoon shift from 12.30-3pm, on either Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Each shift will be covered by a pair of volunteers. A member of staff will always be present. 

No specific experience or qualifications are required. These are some essential qualities:

 Confidence to approach and welcome members of the public.
 A happy personality, non-judgemental and with a helpful attitude.
 An ability to put people at ease and a good listener.
 Sensitivity and empathy – an ability to read people
 Good judgement, ability to think on your feet
 An ability to keep calm and summon help if required

You can upload your CV or any relevant file. Max. file size: 100 MB.